Parental Involvement

The partnership of parents and teachers is vital to the achievement of St Lawrence Primary School’s aims. The primary role of the Catholic school is to support parents in the formation of their children’s faith.

Parents are involved in the following ways at St Lawrence Primary School:

As community members, they elect and largely comprise the School Board, and are the basis of the Parents and Friends Association which builds our educational community and provides so many resources.

Through their communication with their child’s teacher, home and school can complement each other in encouraging development of the whole child.

Parents can play a valuable role in the classroom in extending the children’s experiences and access to adult assistance. The active, developmental style of learning we provide at St Lawrence Primary School utilises parent support in areas including English activities, art and craft, physical education, library, canteen, excursions and camp.

Because teachers are entrusted with the development of whole classes of children and have the long term good of each child at heart, we ask that parent helpers also provide for all children the confidentiality, support and equal opportunities they would wish for their own child. The teacher, as the caring professional, will at all times provide the guidance needed by classroom helpers. If there is any part of the programme that helpers are not clear about, we ask that they discuss it with the teacher and not outside the classroom.

Children benefit greatly from the involvement of their parents in classroom activities.