Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education provides students with an understanding of health issues and the skills needed for confident participation in sport and recreational activities. This enables students to make responsible decisions about health and physical activity and to promote their own and others’ health and well-being.

Physical Education and Sport is taught by a specialist teacher.

It is important that your children are properly attired for Physical Education and Sport lessons. On Tuesday and Thursday sport days, children wear their sports uniform for the whole day.

Each year the children participate in a school Faction Athletics Carnival towards the end of Term 3 and a Cross Country Carnival in Term 2.

Each year children in Years 1- 6 participate in swimming lessons organised by the Education Department. Swimming fees are included in the school fees.

St Lawrence Primary School is a member of the Catholic Primary Schools North Eastern Sport Association and takes part in inter-school carnivals each year: Sacred Saints and Winter Sports (Years 6), Athletics (Pre-Primary to Year 6) and Cross Country (Year 4 to 6).

Opportunities also are provided to join out of school hours netball teams, depending on availability of numbers.