The Parish of St Lawrence & Mary Immaculate is administered by The Salvatorian Order. The Parish Priest is Father Emil Ciecierega SDS and Assistant Priest Father Leonard Macionczyk SDS

The full name of the Order is “The Society of the Divine Saviour”. The Latin word “Salvator” means “Saviour” and they are called “Salvatorians”. Servant of God, Fr Francis Jordan (1848-1918) founded the congregation on 8 December 1881 in Rome. The Salvatorians work in over 30 countries worldwide.

Their main goal is to spread and increase by all ways and means the knowledge and love of Jesus, as the true Saviour of the world. The British Salvatorians came to Australia in 1961 and began their work in St Anthony’s Parish Bellevue (Greenmount). In 1986 the Polish Province took responsibility of the Australian Region. Currently 18 Salvatorians work in the Parishes of Merredin and Bruce Rock in Western Australia and Gosford and Pymble in New South Wales.

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