Harassment Discrimination & Bullying

St Lawrence Primary School has a responsibility to provide an educational environment that
promotes the dignity and respect of the person and, therefore, aims to eliminate bullying and
harassment in all forms.
St Lawrence School Vision
The vision of St Lawrence Catholic Primary School, Balcatta is to share the message of God’s
love and friendship in a community of learners, developing the full potential of each child.

At St Lawrence Primary EVERYBODY has the RIGHT to:
Be safe
Be respected
Be valued

Bullying undermines these values and affects everyone within our community.
Bullying in any form is not acceptable at St Lawrence. It is everyone’s responsibility to
prevent it occurring.

The Bullying Policy aims to ensure that all community members are able to grow and develop within a safe caring environment, where each person is valued.

Attached is a copy of our Bullying and Harassment policy. 


Dealing with Bullying and Harassment 2014