Pastoral Care Policy

Pastoral Care Programmes
In keeping with our Catholic school aims of educating the whole child, our Pastoral Care and discipline policies work together on the basis of developing a sense of Christian self-responsibility and community in the children.

The underlying philosophy of the pastoral care programme is to acknowledge and reinforce the positive behaviours of the students, whenever possible. Self-esteem is perhaps the single most important factor in helping a child achieve his/her potential.

Another important feature of the Pastoral Care Programme is the “buddy system” whereby junior grades are teamed with senior grades in order that a mutual exchange of responsibility and care is fostered.

Buddy groups have been established so that older children in our community take responsibility for the care of our younger members and develop a friendly relationship with them.

The school is fortunate to have a Chaplain, Sister Chitra for two days per week – Thursday and Friday.

is a peer support programme for children living in a single parent or step family or who have suffered a significant loss in their life.


Pastoral Care Policy

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